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Zebra originated in New Orleans in early 1975. The trio consists of lead vocalist, lead guitarist and songwriter Randy Jackson, drummer Guy Gelso and bassist Felix Hanemann.

In 1982 Zebra’s self-titled debut album went gold and was the fastest selling debut album in Atlantic Records’ history thanks to radio and MTV airplay of Tell Me What You Want and Who’s Behind the Door?. Veteran producer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick) also helmed the follow-up, No Tellin’ Lies. Songs on this sophomore album range from the hard-rocking Wait Until the Summer’s Gone to the Beatle-esque ballad, Lullaby.

With the release of their third Atlantic album 3.V, Zebra took their career one step farther by producing and taking complete control of its creative output. A collection of the finest songs they have ever written, 3.V clearly shows Zebra’s lasting power and originality.

Zebra emerged from the studio again in 2003 with ZEBRA IV, on Mayhem Records. This could possibly be the best effort by Zebra to date with powerful cuts which include Arabian Nights, Why and Waiting To Die.

Zebra’s live performances often last over two hours and showcase their new material along with all the classic Zebra tunes and other all-time favorites including an occasional Led Zeppelin cover.

ZEBRA THE DVD, released in 2008 captures the band’s energy and power on stage. The DVD features live concert footage from both Long Island and the House of Blues in New Orleans in addition to several interviews and bonus features.

In 2010 Zebra was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and is acknowledged as Louisiana’s #1 Rock and Roll band by the Louisiana Music Commission. In 2012 Zebra was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

Tell Me What You Want!

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Friday, April 14, 2017 8pm

Tickets: $29 - $44

80's power rock band Zebra had huge hits with Who’s Behind the Door and Tell Me What You Want off their debut album. MTV airplay of their videos fueled the fire, showcasing Zebra’s musical prowess and originality. Their power and energy on stage will blow you away! 

Special Guest: Gifthorse

Special Guest: Gifthorse

A band born and reared in a fall out shelter in the far east of Penntucky. We were forest rangers and town criers. We are building a wall of sound in the loudest part of the Northeast. Soon you will not need a map to find us. Bring yourselves to a show, purchase many bottles, wear your best band shirt. All we wanna do is rock.

"The vocals are a strong point with this band. It seems every rock band has screaming or growling. Thankfully there is none of that here." Deuce Gibb, Motorista review.