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A John Denver Christmas

Seattle native Ted Vigil returns to The Newton Theatre for his annual tribute to John Denver in a family fun Christmas Special.

“I do it as a tribute, not as a first person (impersonator),” said Vigil. “I met a sound engineer and a pilot that knew him. They said I should seriously do a tribute show, with my voice and my look. I really switched gears. Some of his music has a rock feel, some of his music has a pop feel. I went to Aspen and I met some of the people he worked with. I met his mother and I met his brother. I really got a feel for his inspiration and what he was about."

Ted has performed at John Denver’s own “Windstar Foundation” in Aspen, Colorado with the late Steve Wiesberg, John Denver’s lead guitar player from 2010 to 2014. Wiesberg  said “Apparently the audience thinks they all look and sound like John. I don’t see it. I see it with Ted. A very strong physical resemblance… Uncanny!”  

The most heard comments after a Ted Vigil show are “I can’t believe how much he looks and sounds like John Denver! It really took us back!” A long-time Denver fan commented they were “completely blown away by Ted Vigil. From the moment he set foot on the stage, I was mesmerized by his voice and his incredible resemblance to the late and great John Denver.”